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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Typography Furniture Designs in Canada

Well, who wants the Typography as a non-type maniac furniture. The Canadian Palette Industries design studio has Typo-Chair Designs, together with an appropriate shade developed.

Alphabets Cross Stitch from 1911

Another historic find, Alphabets Cross Stitch from 1911.

CA Normal Typeface : Declaration of Normality

The "CA Normal" by Stefan Claudius, president of Cape Arcona is a tribute to the early European and American grotesques.

A total of 15 Typefaces in five weights and three layers (including a sloped left italics) as well as small caps, ligatures, old style numerals and uppercase and it is in the "normal".

Aniuk pretty cool Typeface from Austria

Three designers of Typejockeys from Vienna republished a beautiful typeface called Aniuk.

This time, a display font with letters distinct and recognizable details, in five weights and large font sizes optimized.

Typomaps Designs : The World in Words

The Typomaps are set by hand (Helvetica Condensed Black) and were not generated automatically by a program. They are two sides only and have a bright and a dark alternative.

Unit price of € 49.00, including shipping (worldwide). Due to the dimensions of 100cm x 70cm to fit into standard Typomaps frames. The matte lamination makes Typomaps but so insensitive that they can also do without a frame.

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